St. Aidan School is committed to preparing our students through a progressive, sequential and comprehensive school health curriculum. Our comprehensive school health curriculum offers age-appropriate curricula, helping students develop the knowledge, attitudes, skills and behaviors to adopt a health-enhancing lifestyle.

The health curriculum is designed to familiarize students with issued they will encounter in the middle school years.  It is designed to provide knowledge and experience, which will enable them to make choices that will have a positive impact on their health.  Units covered are Fitness and Nutrition, wellness, tobacco, alcohol, circulatory system, anti-bullying and character education.  

* Work toward a goal while overcoming obstacles you may face.
* Try new things - persevere.
* Be humble - don't boast or brag to feel good about yourself.

"Persevere and you will achieve your goals."

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Keep Heart Healthy by following these rules: 

          *  Eat a fruit or veggie with every meal.
           * Choose to drink water instead of sugary drinks.
          *  Be physically active for 60 minutes a day.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK:  " Healthy eating and exercise = a healthy lifestyle. "