7th Grade ELA

Students should have Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
in school on Monday, May 1. 


Clear thinking becomes clear writing;
one cannot exist without the other. 
—William Zinsser

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Welcome to Grade 7 English Language Arts

Showbie Codes:
7-1 KBKB6
7-2 42FET

      In seventh grade, you will learn to construct meaning from fiction and non-fiction and to analyze both concrete and abstract elements of literature.

      You will practice transferring language skills (including grammar, usage, mechanics, and spelling: "GUMS") to your written work, and you will use "The Writing Process" to further develop your writing skills.

      You will self-select and read a variety of genres as you journey toward becoming life-long readers.

Be sure to check "Assignments" daily! 

      Saint Aidan School curriculum is aligned with both the Common Core Standards of New York State and the Diocese of Rockville Centre standards.  

To order online, use class code GJXW7. 

The deadline for April/May orders is may 15.