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 Welcome to 3rd Grade   



Third grade is a wonderful, exciting year filled with daily challenges and adventures across all subjects. Students in Class 3-2 are challenged to achieve new knowledge and skills every day,always mindful that God is present in the classroom and in them. Students make connections through God in their schoolwork and every day life. The Math Curriculum builds on concepts of addition and subtraction, while introducing new concepts of multiplication and division, geometry and fractions.The English Language Arts Curriculum focuses on Spelling, Grammar, Reading and Writing skills. The Social Studies and Science Curriculum focuses on facts, research, and hands on learning. In Religion, students are guided to a deeper understanding of their faith and how to deepen their faith as they grow.‚Äč

 Each child will be responsible for writing their own homework assignments down each day. Please sign your child's homework notebook each night to make sure they have completed the correct pages. 

Please sign and return ALL TESTS.

We do not have Snack in 3rd grade and will not be having birthday celebrations in the classrooms.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me anytime at 

As the weather changes please make sure your children are dressed properly for the cooler weather.  We walk every day to the Upper School for lunch and recess. We will be outdoors for recess if the temperature is above freezing.

In the event of a delayed opening, all third grade students must bring lunch and drinks to school.  We will not be going to the Upper School for lunch.

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MATH-We will continue learning about multiplication in Chapter 5. The class will be learning about patterns, and strategies that can help them solve unknown multiplication problems.  We will be looking at arrays, diagrams, multiplication tables, and grouping numbers into tens using base ten blocks. We continue to have math fluency races to build memorization of the 0 to 12 times tables. Please continue to practice them at home.

ELA- Spelling Words: 
Vocabulary Words:

Reading Target Skill –
Reading Target Strategy –
Author's Purpose 
P.I.E (Persuade/ Inform/ Entertain)

Grammar –
Pronoun- verb agreement

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Please check out these links to study for our Continents, Oceans and Regions QUIZ!!!!

SOCIAL STUDIES- We will continue learning about Our Environment in Chapter 2. We will discuss how we interact with our environment and how our world is separated by similar characteristics. These characteristics help us to sort them into continents, regions and land forms. The children will be able to see the effects that people have on our Earth. How we effect our resources and climate.  We will be looking at different types of elevation maps and will discuss how to read the map key to tell which areas of the map are different heights (various land forms- hills, mountains, plateaus, plains) The children will have fun completing various hands on classroom activities.


            RELIGION-  In January we will be learning about the Early Church. The class will learn about the Apostles and how they were the leaders of the church. We will discuss what "Holiness" means in regards to Saints and how many of them died, as martyrs, not willing to give up on their beliefs of God. We also will continue to discuss various Saints on their feast days. 

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 The class will be learning about the systems of the human body. 

Science- We will continue to learn about living things in Chapter 2. We will be discussing how living things have different functions that aide them in growth, survival, and reproduction.  We will also participate in readings that further our knowledge on how living things are born, become adults, reproduce, and eventually die. The children will complete various activities on pollination, frog and ladybug life cycles. We will also be observing seeds, learning about their structure, how they germinate and what they need to grow.

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