3-2 Mrs. A. Arguiarro

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 Welcome to 3rd Grade   



Third grade is a wonderful, exciting year filled with daily challenges and adventures across all subjects. Students in Class 3-2 are challenged to achieve new knowledge and skills every day,always mindful that God is present in the classroom and in them. Students make connections through God in their schoolwork and every day life. The Math Curriculum builds on concepts of addition and subtraction, while introducing new concepts of multiplication and division, geometry and fractions.The English Language Arts Curriculum focuses on Spelling, Grammar, Reading and Writing skills. The Social Studies and Science Curriculum focuses on facts, research, and hands on learning. In Religion, students are guided to a deeper understanding of their faith and how to deepen their faith as they grow.‚Äč

 Each child will be responsible for writing their own homework assignments down each day. Please sign your child's homework notebook each night to make sure they have completed the correct pages. 

Please sign and return ALL TESTS.

We do not have Snack in 3rd grade and will not be having birthday celebrations in the classrooms.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me anytime at 

As the weather changes please make sure your children are dressed properly for the cooler weather.  We walk every day to the Upper School for lunch and recess. We will be outdoors for recess if the temperature is above freezing.

In the event of a delayed opening, all third grade students must bring lunch and drinks to school.  We will not be going to the Upper School for lunch.

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MATH-During the next few weeks, the class will be introduced to division.  Students will begin to understand that division and multiplication are inverse operations.  We will study related facts using the same three numbers for two multiplication problems and two two division problems (as in addition and subtraction- from first grade). We will be looking at drawing pictures of equal groups, separating counters into equal groups, arrays, bar models, and number lines as different strategies to divide. We will continue to build fluency with our 0 to 12 times tables, using timed fluency tests. Please continue to review multiplication facts at home.


ELA- Phonics
The children will be learning about the prefixes re and un. We will be applying these to our spelling words. 
We will be talking about complex sentences, independent clauses, and dependent clauses. An independent clause is a simple sentence that tells a complete thought (subject and verb). A dependent clause has a subject and a verb but does not tell a complete thought. A complex sentence is formed by combining one independent clause and one or more dependent clause(s).

 Comprehension Skills and Strategies

Our story this week will be "Dog-of-the-Sea-Waves." As we read and reread this story as a whole class, with a partner, and independently, we will be talking about Author's Purpose. We will decide whether the author wrote the story to persuade, inform, or educate. Then we will defend our opinion with details from the text. 

Spelling Words
unfold, rejoin, untie, reheat, unfair, unclear. repaid, rewrite, unhurt, recheck, unlucky, unwrap, reuse, unsure, etc. 

Vocabulary Words
voyage, lava, rippled, arrival, guided, twisted, aboard, anchor, spotted, and bay

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SOCIAL STUDIES-We will begin our next chapter on Exploration to the New World. We will be discussing different Native American tribes, houses, and ways of life. We will progress into lessons involving the names of specific explorers who came to the New World, which countries these explorers were sponsored by, why these explorers wanted to travel here, and how these explorers interacted with the Native Americans once they arrived. Children will be able to see the effects that these explorers had on the New World by spreading disease, introducing weaponry, and forcing the Native Americans off of their land. We will be looking at different types of maps and discussing how to read each map to tell the different routes that each explorer took and which of these explorers took the fastest routes. This will be a hands-on unit with the creation of Native American longhouses, explorer flip books, and our very own Native American artifacts. 

                                         Yellow Cosmos Flower in Green Cross Wooden Decor                                         RELIGION- This month in Religion we will be focusing on how the Church is a symbol for the people of God and the body of Christ. We will be discussing how each person is an important member of the Church and how the Church continues to teach the message of Jesus. The e Apostle's Creed is one way that we can profess our faith. We will learn the Apostle's Creed and discuss what each section/line means. The first section is about God the Father, the second is about God the Son, and the third is about God the Holy Spirit. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD PRACTICE THE APOSTLE'S CREED EVERY NIGHT FOR HOMEWORK!

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 The class will be completing our unit on the human body systems. The children will be working in groups completing a life size model of one of the systems. 

Science- We will continue to learn about living things in Chapter 2. We will be discussing how living things have different functions that aide them in growth, survival, and reproduction.  We will also participate in readings that further our knowledge on how living things are born, become adults, reproduce, and eventually die. The children will complete various activities on pollination, frog and ladybug life cycles. We will also be observing seeds, learning about their structure, how they germinate and what they need to grow.

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