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Welcome to 3rd Grade!

  The children are learning organizational skills to help them this year.  Each child will be responsible for writing their own homework assignments down each day. Please check their homework notebook daily. 

Be sure your child is completing the correct pages for homework. In addition to homework pages, your child will be expected to read a book of choice for 20 minutes each night. Please sign your child's homework notebook each night to show that your child has done so. Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to  e-mail me anytime at

Throughout the course of the year our young students will be faced with many academic challenges and adventures. Our mathematics curriculum will build on the concepts of addition and subtraction while introducing the new topics of multiplication, division, geometry, and fractions. Some features of the language arts program are grammar, spelling, phonics, and writing workshops. Students will be exposed to a variety of literary genre and are encouraged to read and write for their enjoyment. Social studies and science are explored through research and hands on projects. Through our religion program students are guided to a deeper understanding of their faith.

As the weather changes please make sure your children are dressed properly for the cooler weather.  We walk every day to the Upper School for lunch and recess. We will be outdoors for recess if the temperature is above freezing.


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Math-During the next few weeks, the students will be introduced to division. Students will begin to understand that division and multiplication are inverse operations. We will study related facts using the same three numbers for two multiplication problems and two division problems. An example of this would be 2, 3, & 6 ( 2 X 3 = 6, 3 X 2 = 6, 6 / 2 = 3, and 6 / 3 = 2). We will be looking at drawing pictures of equal groups, separating counters into equal groups, arrays, bar models, and number lines as different ways to divide. We will continue to build fluency with our x0 to x12 facts, which will help with both division and multiplication. We will continue to practice our multiplication facts daily with timed fluency worksheets; however, students should be practicing on their own at home with flashcards as well! 


SOCIAL STUDIES-We will begin our next chapter on Exploration to the New World. We will be discussing different Native American tribes, houses, and ways of life. We will progress into lessons on the names of explorers that came to the New World, who these explorers were sponsored by, why these explorers came here, and how they interacted with the Native Americans once they arrived. Children will be able to see the effects that these explorers had on the Americas by spreading disease, introducing weaponry, and forcing Native Americans off of their land. We will be looking at different types of maps and discussing how to read the map to tell the different routes each explorer took and which explorers took the best routes. This will be a hands-on unit with the creation of Native American longhouses, explorer flip books, and our very own Native American artifacts. 


ELA- The children will be learning about vowel + r sounds, which will be applied to their spelling words. We will be discussing adjectives in grammar and how adjectives can be used to describe how something looks, feels, tastes, smells, or sounds. Our story this week will be "Judy Moody Saves the World" by Megan McDonald. As we read and reread this story as a whole class, with a partner, and independently, we will be looking closely at story structure (the characters, the setting, and the plot of a story). The students will be practicing their learned writing techniques of topic sentences, closing sentences, and supporting details with a persuasive piece on how we can save our environment.

Spelling Words
air, wear, chair, stairs, bare, bear, hair, care, pear, pair, share, near, ear, beard, buy, year, earring, and compare

Vocabulary Words
recycle, project, dripping, carton, complicated, global, rubbish, hardly, shade, and pollution

RELIGION- This month in Religion we will be focusing on the Church season, Lent. Lent is a time of preparation for the celebration of Easter. We will discuss how Lent is a time for prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. We will reflect on the sacrifices that we have made throughout Lent and how we can give to others throughout this Lenten season. We will be using this time to renew our faith in Jesus. We will be discussing certain Catholic Saints as their Saint Day's approach. 

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SCIENCE-‚Äč We will advance our study on living things throughout the month of January. Besides from our research report on the particular animal of our choice, we will be discussing how living things have different functions that aide them in growth, survival, and reproduction. We will also participate in readings that further our knowledge on how living things are born, develop into adults, reproduce, and eventually die. The highlight of our Science unit will be sharing pictures of our families with the class to study how living things resemble their parents because traits can be passed down from generation to generation.  Our tadpole, Swimmy, will be of great help to our class in modeling how amphibians grow and change!

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HEALTH- We will be learning about the systems of the human body including the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, nervous, and digestive systems. We will participate in readings on what each system does, we will be labeling diagrams with the important parts of each body system, and we will be completing a group project where we make a life size figure of our body and design it to fit one of the systems we have discussed in class.

Our classroom saint is Saint Ignatius Loyola

Here is what we know about our saint so far...

The patron of the Jesuit Order and Retreats
Born on December 24th, 1491 in Azpeitia at the castle of Loyola in the Kingdom of Navarre, Spain 
Feast Day is July 31st 
Date of Death is July 31, 1556
He died of natural causes

The monogram of the Jesuit order, I. H. S. (an acronym of the Latin: Iesus Hominum Salvator (Jesus, Saviour of man) is how he is represented in Catholic paintings.