Miss Kurz Class 2-2


        My Philosophy

  As an educator, I feel it is important to enthusiastically
empower my students with the ability to believe in        themselves. It is important to recognize that each and         every child has a different style of learning as well as a unique personality. I will help to motivate and encourage the children to be individuals, and help them to develop confidence in their abilities. To believe in their individual gifts to be the best person they can be, in and out of the classroom. I will foster a great sense of community in my classroom with mutual respect that will lead to positive choice making, risk-taking, problem solving, and ownership. I will lay a foundation in the early years that will foster a desire and excitement for learning that I hope will stay with your child throughout their academic life without the fear of failure or lack of acceptance. 
I will do my best to encourage and motivate each of my students. My mission is to guide my students to reach their full potential.

Prayer and Penny Week
This week we will be celebrating
 Prayer and Penny Week to benefit Missionary Childhood Association.We will be learning about the work of missions all around the world. Please send in change to donate to our class mission jar.

http://www.drvc.org/DRmission https://missio.org/_resources/d79c0b5c17c46e73d1c0eb2a2eb5e874.pdf

HOMEWORK 3/29/17
Spelling sentences
Math pg.

Scholastic March Book Orders Due April 28, 2017

Dear Parents, our items for the
St. Aidan Food Pantry Service for Lent are snacks (pretzels, cookies etc)  

The Goat In The Rug

   helpful    sadly    hopeful    thankful    slowly    wishful    kindly    useful    safely    painful    mouthful    weakly          
Review Words

      yarn    strands    spinning    dye    weave    sharpening    duplicate    delicious     

Special Schedule   

Monday Physical Education 10:30-11:10
Tuesday Music 8:30-9:10 Spanish 10:55-11:35
Wednesday Library 9:15-9:55
Thursday Technology 
Group A 9:50-10:30 Group B 10:35-11:15
Friday Art 10:45-11:25

Children must wear their full school uniform when attending school Mass.

Children must wear solid white, gray or black socks with their Physical Education uniform for Physical Education and dress down days . 

Thank You