Morning Math (Algebra 1)

Math Prayer

You hold the whole of creation in your hands,
From the vast and awesome universe,
to each tiny grain of sand.
You're the creator of all time,
you balance night and day,
Within a mathematical framework, infinite and safe.
From gravity to motion, from genetics to medicine,
Your imprint goes through everything,
it's so inspiring.
No algebraic genius could fathom all you've done,
From each microscopic atom
to the heat of the flaming sun.
And so from every angle we live
and breathe each day,
The wonder of your artistry that
holds the world in place.
And yet the most astounding thing
is with all this in your grasp,
That you provide the answer
to the questions that we ask.
The legacy of forgiveness,
as you subtract our bad things,
You worked out the whole equation,
when Jesus bore our sins.
The test has all been finished, Jesus rose again,
Eternity is infinite, heavenly life begins.

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