4-2 Mrs. B. Robinson

Mrs. Robinson 4-2
Email Address:    brobinson5547@staidanschool.org

Fourth grade is a big transition year for our students. It is their first year in the East Campus and the first time that they will be required to switch classes for Social Studies, Science, Math and ELA.  It is also the year of the "tests". The students will be tested by New York State in English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science. We concentrate our efforts in these areas with emphasis on integrating all the subjects across the curriculum. Students are taught to live the Beatitudes. We study the Ten Commandments in depth. The spiritual and academic development of every student is my primary goal.  The students  will be encouraged to do good deeds, even when no one is looking.

Our class motto:
 If you think that someone
 can use a friend, BE ONE!!

ELA Extra Help Thursdays 7:30am
Code for online orders from Scholastic:  HLYB8 

                   Friday--Computers or Library and Phys. Ed.


Students should always have at least two sharpened pencils with them at all times. Homework should be signed every night by a parent. Homework is due the following day unless otherwise specified. If homework is not brought in when it is due, the student will be given an incomplete.  PLEASE REMEMBER TO SIGN YOUR CHILD'S HOMEWORK. ALSO PLEASE SIGN YOUR CHILD'S ASSIGNMENT PAD.