4-1 Mrs. R. Tringone

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Welcome to Class 4-1!

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 The initial objective of 4-1 is to help the students make the transition from the West Campus to the East Campus with little effort. Class 4-1 is a self-contained class, with the exception of Social Studies and English Language Arts classes, which will be taught by Mrs. Robinson.

Students are encouraged to develop creative writing skills by reading varied genre, discussing them, exploring them, and using similar techniques in their own writing. 
Math skills are reinforced using all mathematical operations both in word form and number form. Students should have their multiplication facts memorized. Students are well prepared for the English Language Arts and Math State Assessments, which are required in fourth grade, as well as the Science State Test.
Class 4-1 students are continually encouraged to grow socially, emotionally, spiritually, as well as academically.

You can contact me at rtringone5547@staidanschool.org

Math extra help sessions are Monday at 11:20 and Wednesday at 7:30.

Please check and sign your child's assignment book each day.  Please sign all homework assignments.  Thank you!