3-1 Miss J. Prisco

Welcome to the 3rd Grade! ‚Äč

Throughout the course of the year our young students will be faced with many academic challenges and adventures. Our mathematics curriculum will build on the concepts of addition and subtraction while introducing the new topics of multiplication, division, geometry, and fractions. Some features of the language arts program are grammar, spelling, phonics, and writing workshops. Students will be exposed to a variety of literary genres and are encouraged to read and write for their enjoyment. Social studies and science are explored through research and hands on projects. Through our religion program students are guided to a deeper understanding of their faith.

In the event of a delayed opening, all third grade students must bring lunch and drinks to school. We will not be going to the Upper School for lunch. As the weather changes please make sure your children are dressed properly for the cooler weather. We walk every day to the Upper School for lunch and recess. We will be outdoors for recess if the temperature is above freezing.

Current Curriculum 

Number Animals.png

In chapter eleven we will be talking about perimeter and area. Perimeter is the distance around a figure or a shape. Students can find the perimeter by counting the units by hand or adding up all of the known sides. The area is the space inside of a figure or a shape. Students can find the area by counting the units squared or by multiplying the length of an object by the width of an object. Using known perimeters and areas we will be finding the length of unknown sides! We will make characters that look like us and count our area and perimeter. 


After our last chapter's discussion on the cause of the American Revolution, we will be watching Liberty Kids to teach us how the war progressed. We will also begin reading the following chapter in our social studies textbook about George Washington's role in the war and as the first President of the United States. 



Words with ough & augh
taught, thought, rough, laugh, bought, cough, ought, caught, fought, daughter, tough, through, enough, brought, sought, & naughty

This week we will be talking about commas. A series is a list of three or more words together in a  sentence. Use a comma to separate the words in a series. Use a comma after introductory words well, yes, and no. Use a comma after order words such as first, second, next, and finally. Do not use a comma after then. 

Comprehension Skills and Strategies
This week we will be reading "Becoming Anything He Wants To Be." As we read and reread this story as a whole class, with a partner, and independently we will be discussing facts vs. opinions.

We will be looking back on the third grade by writing about our biggest accomplishment, our favorite memory, and the most important things that we learned. 

Vocabulary Words


Please recite the Apostle's Creed with your children at home each night.
In chapter ten we will learn about the ways Catholics listen and talk to God in prayer. We can choose to pray by ourselves or with others. The liturgy is when we pray together publicly. Prayers of Praise are when we tell God how wonderful he is. Prayers of Thanksgiving are when we feel grateful that God has been so good to us. Prayers of Petition are when we ask God for forgiveness for something that we have done wrong. Prayers of Blessing are when we ask God to bless the gifts he has given us. Prayers of Intercession are when we ask God to help our families, friends, and all the people in the world.

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We will be reviewing the scientific method during our last two weeks of school. The scientific method is a way for scientists to study and learn about the natural world around them. We will be asking questions, gathering information, making hypothesis', testing our hypothesis', analyzing our results, and making conclusions with different in class experiments. 

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We will be talking about safety over the summer with Read Works Articles!

Our classroom saint is Saint Ignatius Loyola

Here is what we know about our saint so far...

The patron of the Jesuit Order and Retreats
Born on December 24th, 1491 in Azpeitia at the castle of Loyola in the Kingdom of Navarre, Spain 
Feast Day is July 31st 
Date of Death is July 31, 1556
He died of natural causes

The monogram of the Jesuit order, I. H. S. (an acronym of the Latin: Iesus Hominum Salvator (Jesus, Saviour of man) is how he is represented in Catholic paintings.



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